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夢 vision

Our goal is to enable orphans, and poor street children to have the right to join social affairs the same every one else.

使命 mission

To work closely with poor orphans, street children and the poor people, enabling them to have genuine knowledge and promote independent household economy.

目標 object

To eliminate illiteracy, poverty and hunger and enable the Orphans,and poor people to be able to look for a job and to contribute to Cambodia ’s developing national society. Therefore H.O.A. has the following objectives

We select orphan’s whose parent have died through AIDS and by other reasons, we also welcome the disabled providing vocational skills and enhancing their abilities to maintain their lives.

We provides the children with education, culture and general knowledge  

Develop agriculture in remote and rural areas

We provides a stable home environment with nutritious food and support

We offer spiritual guidance to develop inner strength

活動 activity

H.O.A. provides the following activities to our children
Sending them to public school

Teaching them English& Japanese language, Computer

Art skills including painting, stone, wood and leader carving