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OO.D.A  Orphans & Disabled Arts Association
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夢 vision

To Orphans & Disabled Arts Association has its vision to enable orphans and disabled persons , street children , poor people to have right to join the social affairs as the same general people

使命 mission

To work closely with poor orphans , street children and disabled persons , people enable them to have genuine knowledge to promote household economy .

目標 object

To eliminate illiteracy , poverty and hunger , to enabled the poor orphans , disabled persons and poor people to able to look for job to do to contribute to developing national society . Therfore ODA has its objectives as follows.

ODA selects orphans whose parents deceased of AIDS , and orphans by other reasons as well as poor disabled and people to give them vocation skill in supporting live and maintain , enhance ability for convenience in supporting live to the future .

Give education , culture and general knowledge to them .

Give skills training to them either spirit or in kind .

Develops agriculture at remote are-as .

Help poor non-dependent people , orphans , street children and disabled as possible of associations .

活動 activity

Therefore ODA trained as follows :

Send students to join publicschool

Help teach English-Japanese

Train painting

Train stone carving

Train wood carving

Train leader carving

Train printing house

住所 address

Srah srong village , Nokor thom communce , Siem Reap district , Siem Reap Province , Cambodia